Welcome to the Fluffy Tails Handspun blog! This blog is intended to be a companion to the Fluffy Tails Etsy shop. There will also be some general lifestyle posts, food and recipes, and product reviews. Let’s start with a little about me and then I’ll give you an overview of what I hope to share with you going forward.

I’m Jessica and I’m the owner of the Fluffy Tails Etsy shop. I have been knitting for about 12 years, crocheting nearly as long, and spinning for around 8 years. I am a stay at home mom to a very active 3 year old. Most of my crafting is done during nap time. I also get a little knitting or crochet time after she goes to bed. I love working with fiber. It is my “me” time in a day filled with catering to a husband, 2 dogs, and 1 toddler. I opened the etsy shop to provide a little extra income for our family and to give myself permission to knit/crochet more things than our family could use. Scarves, hats, and baby items had been stacking up around the house and I needed to find some way to turn those into something useful.

My goal is for you to see at least one crafty post a week around here. Watch for WIP Wednesdays! For non-crafty folks, WIP means “work in progress”. WIP Wednesdays will feature something I’m working on for the shop. This could be a spinning project, knitting, or crochet. It could be a series of macro shots of fiber or yarn, it could be a glimpse of a hat or sweater or scarf or shawl or, or, or. It could be a pile of dryer balls in the process of be photographed for the shop.

What else will you see around here?

You’re going to see technique articles. I don’t know how often I’ll be able to do tutorials and technique articles but I’m aiming for one a month.

You’ll see FOOD. I love cooking and I love sharing food so you’ll see some of that around here. Recipes, tricks, and sometimes just foodporn posts. It’s summer here right now which means lots and lots of produce so there’s plenty of beautiful food to share.

You’ll see glimpses into my life. Occasionally I’ll feature the dogs or the toddler. I’ll let you know why I’m not crafting or why the shop isn’t getting updated as much as I’d like.

You’ll see product reviews. I’m a member of several online sampling groups and review sites. I often get free products in exchange for honest reviews and I love to share these products with people. I’m aiming for a couple posts a month that give you an overview of what I’m sampling that month. I promise this blog won’t turn into exclusively reviews but I do intend to share some of these products with you.

Ultimately, each of these types of posts will have their own section on the blog and you’ll be able to see only the content you’re interested in. I’m still finding my way around organizing a WordPress blog so you’ll see updates and changes and things moving around over the next couple weeks as I get it figured out. Please subscribe to the blog and follow me on Facebook to keep up to date!


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