WIP Wednesday!

Welcome to another WIP Wednesday!


The first WIP is this gorgeous cowl. Wool plied with a cotton thread. Soft & pretty. I’m about halfway done!


This scarf is technically finished but I wanted to show off the colors again! I’ve decided to keep it since it’s not quite perfect.


Next up to the wheel, this lovely blue fiber. It’s 100% wool. I’ve used another braid of this fiber and it’s slightly felted from the dye process so I’ve been putting off the second braid. I’m running low on prepped fiber, though, and haven’t had time to prep more so I’m working through stash. With enough work, this spins up nicely. It just takes a little more work that I usually have to do.


Going on the needles today, 100% Alpaca, dyed with long color transitions. This is Paqu Pura from Mirasol. So soft, so pretty. I turned one ball of this into a pretty shawl and this ball is turning into a scarf for the shop. It’s a little deeper red than it photographed but the light isn’t the best today. By the time it’s a finished scarf, you should get a better color picture!


Last up is this pile of flour sack towels. This is an experiment. I’ve just replaced my kitchen towels so my old towels are going to be turned into yarn and from there, into a rug or market bag. I’ll dye it to cover up any stains. I’ve done this with used sheets before so I expect it to work well as a method to recycle towels as well!


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