WIPWednesday & A new listing!

First up, the new listing!


Shades of Red scarf now on Etsy! This is a gorgeous red scarf in 100% Alpaca. It’s so soft, so warm, and drapes beautifully! One of my new favorites. 6 feet long and about 6 inches wide. Wraps several times around your neck to give you as much warmth as you need.

Now, WIPs!

Spinning today.

#wipwednesday #handspun #blue #ashford #spinnersofinstagram

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Pretty blue wool going on the Ashford Traditional wheel. So pretty. This will ply into a pretty 2 ply that has lots of bounce and is soft and fluffy.


The rag rug is in the wash, turning a pretty bubblegum pink. I think I hear it going into its final drain, so you’ll get dye tips and a finished picture later this week!

Only other thing in progress is another Swiffer cover. Plain cream cotton, so not the prettiest thing to do for WIPWednesday.


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