Tutorial Tuesday, Part 2! Dye your rug!

Remember last week? We crocheted a rug. This week, we’re making our rug bubblegum pink! Or whatever color(s) you desire.

There are several options out there for dying cotton yarn. I chose to use Dylon because it had the color my daughter wanted and she liked the “pretty birdy” on the front of the package. Dylon dyes 1/2 pound of dye per pouch. My rug weighed just about 1 pound, so I knew I’d end up with a lighter color than on the package. That was ok, because we really didn’t need a hot pink rug. Bubblegum pink was just fine and would match her quilt pretty well.

To dye with Dylon, you are first supposed to wash the item and leave it damp. Then you mix the dye with salt and hot water and then you submerge the item, provide agitation, let it soak, and repeat those 2 steps for 45 minutes or so. Here’s how I accomplished that.


First, the rug went into the washer. I set my washer to the smallest cycle, with the hottest water it runs on the gentle cycle. I left the lid up so it wouldn’t agitate until I was ready and let it fill completely.

IMG_1262 IMG_1263

Add the salt and the dye. Then close the lid and let it begin to agitate. I let it agitate for about 1 minute to thoroughly mix the dye and saturate the rug. So now we’ve mixed the dye and provided agitation. Next, soak. It says to let the item soak for 45 minutes and stir it frequently. I let it soak in the drum of the washer for 5 minutes and then closed the lid to allow the washer to agitate for about 30 seconds. I repeated this for 45 minutes or so. I wasn’t watching the clock too closely, so some intervals were longer than 5 minutes but the total time was about the same.


Once your item has soaked the suggested amount of time, you are supposed to rinse in cold water. I turned the cycle to rinse and allowed it to run through to the end of the cycle. I did one more rinse and spin after that to make sure all the dye was out of the rug and out of my washer.


The rug came out a pretty, vivid bubblegum pink. Into the dryer it went, on low, until it was about 90% dry.


I spread it out on her floor to dry, shaping it as I went so it would retain its size and shape. The air conditioners are still running most days around here, so nothing stays damp very long.

RIT dye is a very similar technique. Just follow the directions on the bottle. And make sure to rinse your washer very thoroughly after dying! I washed a load of older, colored towels after this load to make sure that no residual dye was in the drum.


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