WIPWednesday 8/26

WIPWednesday again. Quiet around here because of this giant pile:

Slowly, slowly, slowly working my way through photographing all this winter wear. Hoping to have it all listed by mid Sept, just in time for cooler weather! Not quite a WIP, but it is definitely an “in progress.”

I’ve been using up stray balls on hats so don’t have many projects on the needles right now. Each hat takes 3-4 hours so they don’t stick around very long. I have a few buttons and bits to attach and finish and will have 3 or 4 more hats to add to that pile to photograph. The felt bag that I showed you way back when just needs some finishing and it’s ready for it’s photo debut as well.

On the needles, I have this pretty poncho/cape for the toddler.

#wipwednesday still working on the poncho for my daughter. #knitting #handknit #alpaca

A post shared by Jessica Palmer (@fluffytailshandspun) on

It’s 100% alpaca. She picked out the yarn herself and is so excited about the pretty stripes.

I have yarn balled up for a couple more hats. I need to pick up some more dishcloth cotton to whip out some more Swiffer covers. 2 out of the 3 have already sold! I also have a pair of socks to work up for a family member and the toddler wants some fluffy winter socks as well. Watch the Instagram feed and I’ll post some peeks at those as I start to work on them!


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