WIPWednesday once again!

The lighting has been so bad around here that there’s been no new listings in several days. I just can’t get color accurate pictures. Sun predicted for tomorrow, and no smoke, so I hope to get through several pieces and get them listed over the next couple days. Now, onto the WIPs!

First up is the newest project. Ease by Two Little Plums. Knit in a basic undyed cream 100% wool yarn. I’m a little over halfway through the body. Trying to finish this before attacking another set of hats for the shop.


Next up are some socks for the toddler. She’s complaining that mommy has lots of pretty socks and all hers are too small. So I’m working up another pair for her. Basic 2 at a time, toe up, 2×2 ribbed socks. Will probably do a short row heel since they’re nice & quick.


Last is the neverending cape for the toddler. Not much progress this week. Got caught up in my sweater. Such pretty colors and so soft!


We started preschool homeschooling this week. I’ll give you an overview of what we’re doing either tomorrow or Friday. I have pictures put together for another dying tutorial – gradients this time! It’s a fun, easy technique that doesn’t require winding off multiple little skeins of yarn and mixing lots of colors of dye. It’s not as perfect as the more work-intensive techniques, but it’s fast and simple and creates a great effect! My goal is to have that up next Tuesday. Be watching for new listings in the shop as well. If I get good light, there will be several listings throughout the next week.


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