New Listings Today!

It is clear and beautiful. There’s no smoke in the air and very few clouds. Which means today is a perfect day for photos. Plenty of natural light! Here’s two new listings to keep you occupied while I work my way through the photos I took today!

First is this beautiful hand knit lace shawl. I hand dyed it in a deep blue with just a touch of green so in direct light it takes on a hint of teal. It is a simple lace pattern with a slight scalloped edge.


Second is a hand knit, hand spun, hand dyed infinity scarf. It’s made with 100% corriedale wool. The fiber was dyed with royal blue and forms subtle stripes of royal blue, medium blue, lighter blue, and hints of cream. It’s a thick, chunky, versatile
scarf that will keep you warm all fall & winter!


Last week, a few new items went into the hats section that didn’t get listed here. Check them out! And make sure to let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see in the shop.


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