Preschool Week 1!

Preschool roundup! We started doing homeschool last week. We’re using the curriculum from Preschool Palace. I bought the full program and we’re following curriculum B with supplements from curriculum A. Since this is very science/math lite, we’re also doing some basic number recognition and starting to get to know addition. We’re also going to talk about animals, and touch on weather & seasons as we move through the year.


Preschool Palace’s Curriculum B is phonics based and doesn’t go through the alphabet a-z, instead it focuses on putting together sounds to make words. We skipped the first month as it was just letter recognition and colors and basic shapes. Since we’ve been casually doing ABC’s and shapes and colors for at least half a year, this was all review. We jumped right into our first letter. It starts us with the letter C.


Our first day, we decorated our window with all the C sounds we could find in her reusable sticker book. We have this Melissa & Doug animal habitat sticker book. She searched through all her habitats to find things starting with the hard C sound. We set them up on the window so she could play with them and color them. We have the Crayola window markers and she loves to make little scenes for her stickers on the windows. Before this, we’d spent about 2 weeks making a very elaborate ocean scene that changed daily. The first bit of ocean scene looked like this and it ended with a desert in the sky that had camels and flamingos. She had a whole story for how they got there.IMG_1289

After decorating our window, we spent each day practicing the hard C sound, looking for words and items starting with C, and practicing writing the letter C.


Crabs were a favorite!


We also did plenty of cutting practice. She loves getting to shred up junk mail!


We had our first rain for several months so we talked about clouds and rain. We watched several youtube videos on how rain forms and falls. We started to talk about fall and what we’ll see over the next few weeks as it gets colder and the trees start to change. We also talked about mammals, fish, reptiles, and birds and how they’re different and similar. We just got a beginning encyclopedia on animals and we’ll look at a new animal each day. I don’t expect her to memorize every animal or absorb all the details, but it starts her down the road to understanding how animals are classified and being able to identify them. She picks up new information so quickly that it’s hard to keep up with her! If she starts to get overwhelmed or lose interest, we’ll back off and find something else to study.

I know this sounds like a lot for a 3 year old. It seems like a lot to me as well! We do it in bits and bursts every day. We’ll spend 5-10 minutes at a time on each item and switch to something else when she starts to lose interest. Throughout the day, we probably do about an hour total of “school” related work. There’s plenty of play and outdoor time as well!

This week, we’ll be looking at the letter M. Since today was a holiday and Daddy was home, we skipped school work today. We’ll spread this week’s work over 4 days. Tomorrow, we’ll make the M window and start practicing our Mmmmm sounds and writing!


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