Preschool Week 2

This week, our theme was the letter M and squares.


M is for Milk, Monkey, Mouse, and (added later) Moon.


We’re enjoying the worksheets in the Preschool Palace curriculum. In spite of having a cold and being extremely snotty, she begged & begged to get to do MORESCHOOL!


We did lots of tracing letters and coloring M themed worksheets. We had an M maze and lots of squares to work on straight lines.


Straight lines are hard when you’re 3! She’s still learning how to hold a crayon or pencil to write instead of color. It’s taking a lot of practice to get used to the new movements.


We finished the first section of her new science book. It covered the basics of animals, things like habitat and camoflauge, defense mechanisms, and the food chain. Now we start on mammals and learning some fun facts about different kinds of animals. 1 animal a day. Next week we start the letter and working on some basic math skills and counting.


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