WIPWednesday 9/16

WIPWednesday is here again. I finished the sweater and got to wear it for the first time yesterday! So warm & snuggly. Perfect for this sudden fall weather.

2 new items started this week! All the swiffer covers are sold from the shop so I needed to get a few more of those whipped up and get the shop restocked. I have 3 or 4 colors on hand and started with this blue/gra/green/white combo. So pretty! Feels very nautical.

And I’m about halfway done with the socks that I mentioned last week. These heavier wool socks go so quickly! They usually take about a week of nap knitting.

#wipwednesday part 2. #wool #handknit socks. Warm and soft!

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I need to do several more swiffer covers over the next week or two and I need to get a few more items up in the shop. I’m almost caught up on photos for the fall stock! We’ll be all prepped for cold weather and the holiday rush!


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