Homeschool Week 3 – Letter A

Week 3 homeschool preschool is done! We focused on the letter A this week, learned how to write the number 1, practiced counting, and started talking about fall.


A is for Alligator, Apples, and Anteater on our window this week.

She practiced writing lots of A’s. We colored alligators and apple trees.

We counted apples and clouds, leaves and birds.

She practiced matching colors and learned about fall leaves. The leaves are just barely beginning to turn, getting yellow around the edges and a few are falling. We talked about what the trees would do as we got later into fall and she got very excited about winter and snow.

We practiced writing number 1 and recognizing numbers. We also looked at a variety of mammals in our science book and learned about several of the big cats.

We had a very fun week! Next week is focused on the letter T. We’ll also be looking at more mammals. More number work as well. We’ll practice writing number 2 and more counting and basic addition.


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