Homeschool Week 5 – Letter S

Last week was the letter S!

Lots of Snakes and Snails and Sea Shells. Starfish and the Sun.


She practiced identify and writing the letter S. We colored lots of different S themed coloring sheets. IMG_1426

We also worked on identifying patterns and continuing patterns. The favorite pattern activity was our “poofy balls” which are just craft pom poms from the dollar store. These have been a hit since she was about a year old! We do all kinds of games and activities with them.


We worked on the sound the S makes and what different words that sound like that. Sssss is very hard to do when you’re 3!


This week, we focus on the letter R, more patterns, some more basic addition, and lots of animals in our science book. The trees are all starting to change so we’ve been talking a lot about seasons as well and we’ll be learning more about fall this week also.


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