WIP Wednesday 10/7

Welcome to WIP Wednesday again! My daughter started gymnastics this week so you’ll start seeing lots of little WIPs around here. This week, I started a hat right before leaving for gymnastics and got several inches done in between shooing her back to her class and taking pictures and laughing at these little tiny kids being herded through the course. Such fun! Looking forward to our twice weekly classes. Mommy gets some down time to knit & preschooler gets to run her tiny legs off.

The hat is a basic 2×2 rib made out of handspun yarn. The fiber is 75% Merino Wool and 25% silk. It’s so shiny and smooth and soft. It’s going to be a lovely, warm hat. The colors are slightly muted. They remind me of classic watercolor paintings. It’s not as gray as it shows, the base is more of a lavender than gray. I should about finish this in class today and then it will need a bath before it gets photographed for the shop. It looks like it will be a good size for kids or smaller adults. Hats are great that way! They stretch and the brim can be folded or unfolded to fit whoever needs a warm up!


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