Homeschool Week 6 – Letter R

Welcome to the R week review! Last week we played with Rrrr sounds. Rabbit, Rhinoceros, and Ring Tailed Lemur were on our window but the light has shifted with fall and I can not get a clear shot of the window anymore. We’re studying I this week and I will be moving our “window” display to the front of the fridge. It’s getting too cold for our markers to dry on the window and the angle of the light makes it very hard to see.


Our favorite activity has become these letter mazes. You trace a path through the letters, finding the uppercase and lowercase Rs. It’s a great way to learn to recognize the letters and much easier at this age than traditional mazes.


We did lots of learning to write the letter R, finding it in the mazes and in words. Tracing sheets and freeform writing as well. We are working hard on learning the correct pencil grip. She’s starting to get it and will correct her own hand placement now when writing letters.


New this week is gymnastics! This means our homeschool schedule has shifted a bit. We’re doing 3 days a week school, 2 days a week gymnastics. She just can NOT focus on school on gymnastics days, way too excited. Since there’s only 5 worksheets a week (and I usually add 1-2 math worksheets to the “assigned” work in the curriculum), it’s easy enough to double up worksheets and just talk about letters and shapes and numbers on our gymnastics days. She loves recognizing shapes & letters “in the wild” so we talk about what she sees on our “off” days and do more formal stuff on the worksheet days.


Today is a gymnastics day and tomorrow we start with the letter I. Vowels are a little harder since they usually have at least 2 sounds, depending on context. We’ve been focusing on the hard vowel sounds first and then we’ll go back and learn the rules for the soft sounds once we finish all the letters. We touch on the idea of 2 sounds for the letters as we’re studying them and we’ll focus more on it when we start putting the sounds together into words and learning how the letters actually work together to form words.


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