WIPWednesday 10/14

WIPWednesday is getting posted late today thanks to gymnastics. Gymnastics days are hectic. The preschooler gets so very, very excited that she can’t focus on anything (not even to get dressed *sigh*) the whole day. So my day consists of trying to get things done in spite of the tiny buzzing girl who wants to go *right NOW*.

WIP today is another hat. This one is pretty green and gold with a hint of gray. However, it’s being made from the end of a ball of yarn and I’m about to run out. So it needs to get ripped out and turn into a baby hat instead of an adult hat. So you’ll see these colors again next week, just in a much smaller version!

The mystery Christmas present is nearly done. Less than a week left on it, I think. I’ll have a full post on that after the holidays. I still have pink socks going for my daughter and the never ending cape. I have a braid of fiber I’m trying to finish spinning but it’s gotten pushed to the back burner since it’s not at all portable.


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