WIPWednesday… Er, Thursday. 10/22

This last week+ has been so out of control and suddenly it’s Thursday. So WIPWednesday is a day late because I had no time at all to post yesterday. I did take pictures, but no words hit the site.


The little socks are finally through the heel turn and now they will be pretty quick to finish. She’s still little, so I only need 3 or 4 inches up the legs and we’re done!


The hat is also on it’s way to being done. It is going to be done today then getting washed and dried before pictures! I didn’t run out of yarn this time! It should stretch to fit kids or a small adult head. I’ll have my husband try it on to see if it’s big headed male approved but I expect it will be mostly kids/teens.

The watercolor shades hat is done and got photos today. I also have 3 swiffer covers photographed. The plan for this afternoon and tomorrow’s nap time is photo editing and listing these items! I’m finishing up some handspun as well and I’m not sure what it’s turning into yet. We’ll see how long it ends up being.

Look for new postings over the next several days! I’ll also update on Homeschool, probably tomorrow. We’ve had a fun couple weeks!


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