Homeschool Week 7+8, Letter I

It’s week around here! We had a very hectic week prior to this and only got one day of school in. Finished the letter I this week and will be going on to P next week!


I is for Inchworm, Igloo, Iguana! Our letter display has moved to the fridge. The windows are just too cold now for the markers to set up. The window markers have to have about 60 degrees to dry and since our highs are in the lower 60s right now with overnight lows into the lower 40s, they just aren’t drying. If I can get them to dry during the day, they run at night. So, fridge it is! Which opens our color options since whiteboard markers work great on this surface! We didn’t have any stickers that fit our theme this week so we got to look at my creative artwork all week.


She has been working so hard on getting that pencil grip! She’s doing really well with it and seems to be getting better fine motor control as we go on.


Counting practice this week! 3 owls!


I added a dot page this week because we needed some different activities. These pages are a free download from The Measured Mom. Her printables are amazing! This particular one is under the Pre-Reading section and is called Find the Letter worksheets. We got our dot markers from the dollar store. Just cheap, generic bingo markers. So much fun for little hands!


Next week will be the letter P and will likely involve a lot of penguins, one of her current favorite animals! More counting and basic addition, of course. And we’ll be talking some more about fall and seasons. Hannah’s favorite thing this week? Impromptu learning about leaves and trees by chalk coloring on leaves. Love how pretty this is!


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