Homeschool Week 9+10, Letters P & B


It has been Hectic around here. We’ve been fighting colds, the weather has been wet & soggy, and the time change has destroyed our schedule. We’re trying to get back in a normal rhythm but we’re not quite there yet.


Week 9 was the letter P. Penguins, Polar Bears, Pigs, and Parrots on the fridge. Play dough letters were a new one this week that we had a lot of fun with!


We pulled out the white board again and practiced the last couple weeks of letters.


She’s about conquered the pencil grip. Anything with straight lines is coming pretty easily now. Curves are still a struggle with tiny hands! By the end of week, she was doing much better with tracing small curves and could do both letters much easier than at the start of week 9.


Week 10 was this last week and we focused on the letter B. We did it in 5 minute bursts here and there because the week was so busy! Next week we’re doing the letter F and will hopefully be a little calmer. The weather is still looking very gray and rainy but we’re starting to get used to it. She wakes up every morning asking for snow, so she’s ready to be done with this rainy season!


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