Homeschool Week 11 & 12, Letter F and Fall Theme!


The last 2 weeks, we worked on school a little bit differently. We’ve both been getting tired of the exact same worksheets every week, so we finished the letter F and I found a fall themed package from TotSchooling. This is the Thanksgiving pack from the subscriber download section.


We did math, which included counting turkey feathers and apple bar graphs.


And lots of work with letters and writing. This sheet is tracing words and coloring the pictures. There was a turkey color by number that we did as a family. She told us which person got to do which color and then showed us where the colors went. Lots of fun! Also included were sight word matching and counting acorns for the squirrels to collect for winter.

This collection was so much fun! We’ve downloaded the winter set for our next unit. There’s 2 – 3 weeks of work in there. We’re taking a short Thanksgiving break and then will resume with the Winter unit the second week of Dec. We have 2 more days of gymnastics in Dec and then we’re on break until January. We will finish the Winter unit during Dec and then take a break until after the new year and we’ll start back with our Preschool Palace letters work in January. I have several more packs that I’ve downloaded through TotSchooling and a few other themed packs I’ve found through other sites that I’ll share as we go along. We’ll break up the monotony of the Preschool Palace work with occasional units through other sources.


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