December Homeschool Wrap up

Homeschool again! It’s been a hectic, crazy month so we’re just going to do one big wrap up. We spent the end of Nov & the beginning of Dec visiting family. Once we got back here, the child was begging for school and we started on the winter package from TotSchooling. It’s a subscriber only download, so sign up for their email list if you want these amazing downloads! We loved the fall pack and the winter pack was just as good!

We loved having some variety in our homeschool! While the Preschool Palace curriculum is great, we’re both getting pretty bored with it. We started learning about sight words and did snowman anatomy and learned how to do color by numbers! Color by numbers was a great way to practice coloring inside the lines! The snowman anatomy was hilarious and adorable and probably the preschooler’s favorite!

This week, we went back to Preschool Palace and did the letter S. She finished all the work in about 2 hours. I think we may have progressed past the “letter of the week” style work. We’ll have to start regularly supplementing. Next week is supposed to be the letter R. We’ll do the basic work and then find some R themed activities. I’ll let you know what we find to supplement with!

We’ll be back in gymnastics in mid-January and will be back to a regular schedule and hopefully posting more regularly as well.


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