Homeschool Preschool, Winter week 1

Winter term has started! We worked on the letter R last week and this week is the letter I. We also started learning about food groups last week, spent plenty of time practicing counting to 20, and worked on some basic cooking practice.


This Food Groups printable is free on Teachers Pay Teachers. They are such an amazing resource for printables! We loved practicing with the glue stick and sorting food into food groups with this printable!


Counting practice. She can reliably count to 13 before she starts skipping numbers so now we’re working our way to 20. Who wouldn’t love to count ice cream cones? This is one of our counting sheets by Preschool Palace.


New this week, highlight-a-letter! This is another free download through Teachers Pay Teachers. It’s a really fun addition to our letter of the week curriculum through Preschool Palace.


Her “big” gift from us for Christmas was a set of cooking items, all her size. She got safety knives, measuring spoons & cups, and plenty of stirring spoons & spatulas. She LOVES getting to help make dinner. This is zucchini. I cut it into sticks for her and then she cuts the sticks into bites. These knives are from Curious Chef and are so nice! The big one also makes an excellent lettuce knife. I love that she can help cook and chop without worrying about getting cut.

We started back to gymnastics today which will throw our preschool schedule this week a little out of whack. We haven’t done any “official” school yet this week but I expect she’ll want to catch up on worksheets tomorrow. Normally, I print out a full week of worksheets on Sunday afternoon and put them in her school bin along with the supplies we’ll need to do them. She goes through the bin whenever she wants to work on school and picks what she wants to do. We try to get through all of them, but we don’t make a big deal of it if we don’t. Anything not used gets recycled to the next week and I adjust up or down on how many worksheets I print based on how much she gets done. It’s very relaxed and informal and all led by her. Learning should be fun! She’s way too young to expect her to sit & do formal school for all day, or even half the day, so I let her do it as she wants to work on it and we notice letters and numbers throughout our day, read & play plenty, count everything that can be counted, and make sure to work on lots of practical skills (cooking, laundry, etc).


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