Homeschool Preschool Winter Week 4

Week 4, the letter G! This was a fun one! She had a lot of fun making the ggg sound and thought that giggle was the best ggg word of all!


These Highlight-a-Letter sheets are still a favorite! She likes to do them with her dot markers or circle the letters.


New this week, domino math! She loves seeing how addition works with these kinds of sheets. She’s been surprising us lately by grouping her toys in similar ways to the sheets. She’ll take a row of legos, for example, and put 2 together, 2 together, and say 2 legos & 2 legos makes 4 legos! It’s pretty amazing to see her little brain picking these things up!


Always popular, cutting practice! So good for building hand muscles and fine motor control! She makes a whole pile of confetti that I get to vacuum up later but she’s so happy & entertained that I don’t mind cleaning up the mess!

This week, we’re doing the letter H, which is her favorite since her name starts with an H. We’re also doing more counting practice, working our way up to 20. More food group identification as well, mostly in everyday life. She had pretzels with lunch today and said “Pretzels are a grain!” Pretty fun!


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