Homeschool Preschool Winter Weeks 5 & 6

Week 5 was the letter H. This was a favorite since it’s the first letter in her name!


We’re still loving these Highlight-A-Letter sheets! They’re a lot more fun than the ones we were using before.


Lots of counting practice as well. We’re still working on getting the teens down. Once she’s to 20, it sounds familiar & she is getting much better at it but those pesky teens just don’t sound right to her and she gets lost a few times. So we’re counting everything we see & focusing on some counting practice worksheets for math.


More counting! Acorns are fun!


Week 6 was the letter J! She’s not quite there yet with pronouncing J so this was a great practice week!


We took the week off from counting sheets & did shapes instead. She already knows all these shapes, but doesn’t always draw them correctly so this was a fun one! She did lots and lots of triangles around the house last week!


We did some happy-sad practice as well. This printable is from LeapFrog online. They have some really fun coloring sheets!


Yet another highlight-a-letter. This coming week, we’re doing the letter U, more counting practice, some body part labelling, and some under/over/next to practice.


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