Homeschool Preschool Winter Weeks 11 & 12

Who would think that weeks off would be so BUSY? Busy, busy, busy. We just started back at gymnastics this week, so we’re going to call this most recent week Spring week 1. The last 2 weeks of winter quarter, we did the letters E & N. This most recent week, we did the letter K.

I somehow have very few notes & pictures from E & N. Since she was very familiar with those numbers already, I printed off both weeks at once & we got through them all in about 4 days of work (about 1.5 hours TOTAL over those 4 days). We’ve been doing lots of counting as well. She’s loving practicing her addition by “adding” her fruit & veggies at lunch, the books that she reads, bites at meals, flowers in the garden. It’s amazing to watch her little brain work. Once she’s introduced to a concept, she finds it everywhere around her!

Next week, we work on the letter Q. Then we have V, X, Y, Z left for the school year! We’ll be done mid-way through May. Since we’re just about finished, I’ve been looking towards next year and trying to decide what to do. Little miss seems to have little to no interest in going to “real” school. The couple of times we’ve talked about it, she’s either been indifferent or freaked out. So we’ll likely be doing some form of homeschooling again next year. Right now I’m looking at Kindergarten prep programs and play based Kindergarten curriculums. The tentative plan is to continue our 2 days a week gymnastics, 2-3 days a week school program for next year. We don’t have any solid plans for the summer but we did pull out our level 1 Hooked on Phonics readers and she’s VERY interested in learning to sound out words so we may be doing some light phonics work over the summer in place of worksheets and such.


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