Preschool Round-Up

We’re done! We finished the rest of the alphabet over the last few weeks and are now looking forward to our summer & making plans for fall.

We finished out April with the letters Q & V as well as pattern making and practicing writing letters. She’s having some trouble with 2’s and 5’s when they’re in the same row, so we’ve been doing lots of practice on telling the difference between all the numbers as well as talking about how they combine to make bigger numbers.

The beginning of May was finishing out the alphabet with letters X, Y, and Z. Since we’d seen these letter a lot throughout the year, it was mostly just practice writing them.

She can count to 40 now with almost no errors and can identify most 2 digit numbers. She can add up to 10 and is starting to understand subtraction. She can identify all the uppercase alphabet letters and the vast majority of the lowercase as well as the sounds for all the letters. Getting her to actually identify them when you want her to is still hit or miss (she likes to tease & pretend that she doesn’t know any of them and then giggle like crazy).

So, now we’re looking towards summer plans & fall plans. We bought the 3 workbooks above to try out a few different styles & do some practice over the summer. The plan is to leave the workbooks out where she can get to them and see them and do student-led learning over the summer. When she pulls one out & asks to learn, we’ll do 10-15 minutes on whatever she wants to practice.

It’s already bright & sunny out, so we’re doing lots of outside time, bike rides, walks, and exploring. She got a magnifying glass and binoculars last time Nana visited and we’ve been having fun figuring out how things look up close. We checked out a couple bird ID books from the library this week and have been working to identify the birds at our bird feeder & the ones eating all our bugs in the backyard. We set up our planters over the last few weeks and have been talking about how plants grow and what they need to stay healthy. Once it gets hot & stays hot, we’ll start swimming at the local pool.

Our plan for next year is starting to come together. I’m putting together a list of subjects based on kindergarten skill lists. From those subjects, we’re going to pick 4 to work on next year. I’m looking at a variety of workbooks and we’ll pick one for each subject. Then it will work much like this year & this summer. The books will be out where she has access to them. We’ll have “school” mornings like we did this year, 2-3 days a week, and 2 days of gymnastics. On school mornings, she can pick 2-3 workbooks to work on and we’ll spend about 30 minutes total working on them plus some reading time. I’m getting very excited to do kindergarten science. It’s such a fun year! It’s all about life cycles and understanding how things grow. I plan to collect frog eggs or tadpoles with her next year and bring them home to watch them grow and then we’ll release them back to the pond once they’re frogs. I’m looking at a kit to raise butterflies and another to raise ladybugs. We may also build a small ecosystem fish tank with guppies and plants and shrimp or snails to study how they all work together. I have directions for a really fun ecosystem project where it even simulates the water cycle!


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