Our first month of summer has FLOWN by! We spent the first week+ visiting Nana at the beach. She got to practice her t-ball skills, visited the aquarium, and spent plenty of time playing in bubbles and visiting the ocean.

20160527_110603 20160527_111414

20160531_110823 20160601_111423

Since getting home, we’ve been trying to find a rhythm for our days in the absence of gymnastics and our preschool curriculum. I’ve also been working on figuring out how school will go next year. We’re starting to find our rhythm for the summer. We spent most of the last week or two going to u-pick farms, stocking our freezer with local blueberries and cherries.

20160617_112710 20160619_101941

We’re also starting to play with board games! She’s getting old enough to understand rules and taking turns so we’ve been exploring local thrift stores and bringing home board games to try. So far, Snakes & Ladders was the biggest hit but Candyland has also been popular.

20160605_162650 20160613_113355

It is just now heating up, so we’ll start adding pool days into our routine. We still have local peaches to pick in the next week or so, then we’re done with local fruit u-pick until apples in late summer or early fall. It’s so nice to have the freezer stocked with fresh fruit for the year!

For school, we’re keeping summer simple and child-driven. We have a small pile of workbooks and when she wants to do school, she picks one and we do 10 minutes or so. Phonics is starting to CLICK and she’s asking to learn WORDS, WORDS, WORDS so we’re going to be adding some sight word practice into our weeks.


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