New Listing! Flopsy The Bunny

Please meet Flopsy! Flopsy is the first in a new line of toys from FluffyTails Handspun called SnugglyBuns.

Hand knit out of handspun, hand dyed yarn, Flopsy has soft, floppy ears that go in different directions and add a lot of personality to her small face. The yarn is 100% wool from local sheep, a Texel Romney cross. It is just a little fuzzy and will get slightly more fuzzy with love and play. It is a very hard wearing yarn and Flopsy will hold up quite well to being someone’s new best friend. Safety eyes and nose will stay attached!

Flopsy is just begging to play with a special someone! Flopsy loves to climb trees, smell the flowers, and play whatever games your little person can invent! Kids love to play pretend and Flopsy fits right in! While she was created with a bunny in mind, the possibilities are only limited by the imagination!


Flopsy doesn’t have a set expression so she won’t limit your child’s pretend scenarios. Flopsy’s soft, squishy body is the perfect size for hugging. A simple, rounded body allows for hugging and play without worrying about arms or legs getting stuck somewhere or being pulled off.

Flopsy measures 8 inches tall and 17 inches all the way around.

Flopsy is knit with 100% wool and stuffed with polyester fiber fill. She can be machine washed on cold in a gentle cycle, I suggest sticking her in a mesh bag first to reduce pilling. Fluff her up and let her air dry.


What inspired SnugglyBuns?

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I started a simple little bunny out of handspun yarn. I finished the body and ears, but my daughter came before I got around to finishing the arms and legs. I had the eyes attached, but no face embroidered. It got put in a box in the blur of newborn-ville and forgotten until my daughter found her when she was around 18months old. The little bunny was the perfect size and shape for snuggling! I offered to finish it, add arms and legs, but she wanted it just the way it was! Over the years, bunny has been named SnuggleBunny and is one of the toys that she reaches for when she wants to play pretend and stretch her imagination. Other toys have faces and personalities built in. SnuggleBunny can fit any scenario her little brain comes up with!

When I was going through my stash of handspun yarn, I kept petting them and thinking what great toys they would make. Each yarn has it’s own texture and it’s own personality so each SnugglyBun will be unique. If Flopsy isn’t quite what you’re looking for, please message me and we will work together to make a SnugglyBun perfect for you!


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