Back to School! Homeschool Fall 2016 Week 1-2 (ish…)


We’re back at homeschooling! This year will be a bit of pre-k with kindergarten level stuff thrown in where she’s comfortable with it. Next year, we will focus on fleshing out kindergarten and making sure she’s ready for 1st grade, but this year, I am still pretty relaxed and going with what she enjoys.

We’re structuring things a bit differently this year. We’re working through the school year with themes and using unit studies. We have a few workbooks that we’ll incorporate as well, when we need filler and when we need more on a specific subject. Our first theme was flowers & plants.

20160830_183244 20160830_105301

We learned about the plant life cycle, parts of plants, observed a seed growing, dissected a few flowers to see the different parts, and did flower themed math.

20160830_103448 20160901_083704

We also did several flower based art projects, like these swirly painted flowers.


She absolutely loved this new style of learning! I printed out our workbooks and crafts as well as any worksheets we’d need and then we checked out a few relevant books from the library. We spent time each day reading our books and then worked through 1-2 projects from our folder. We spent plenty of time outdoors and plenty of time with hands-on projects, less with actual bookwork. She’s so excited to tell everyone that she meets about what she’s learned!


Flower Life Cycle Foldable

Plant Observation Book

Flip Flower Craft

Gardening Unit Study

Painting Swirly Flowers


Our next theme will be backyard birds. We’re heading to the library tomorrow to pick out new books and start our new theme on Monday!