New Listing! Flopsy The Bunny

Please meet Flopsy! Flopsy is the first in a new line of toys from FluffyTails Handspun called SnugglyBuns.

Hand knit out of handspun, hand dyed yarn, Flopsy has soft, floppy ears that go in different directions and add a lot of personality to her small face. The yarn is 100% wool from local sheep, a Texel Romney cross. It is just a little fuzzy and will get slightly more fuzzy with love and play. It is a very hard wearing yarn and Flopsy will hold up quite well to being someone’s new best friend. Safety eyes and nose will stay attached!

Flopsy is just begging to play with a special someone! Flopsy loves to climb trees, smell the flowers, and play whatever games your little person can invent! Kids love to play pretend and Flopsy fits right in! While she was created with a bunny in mind, the possibilities are only limited by the imagination!


Flopsy doesn’t have a set expression so she won’t limit your child’s pretend scenarios. Flopsy’s soft, squishy body is the perfect size for hugging. A simple, rounded body allows for hugging and play without worrying about arms or legs getting stuck somewhere or being pulled off.

Flopsy measures 8 inches tall and 17 inches all the way around.

Flopsy is knit with 100% wool and stuffed with polyester fiber fill. She can be machine washed on cold in a gentle cycle, I suggest sticking her in a mesh bag first to reduce pilling. Fluff her up and let her air dry.


What inspired SnugglyBuns?

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I started a simple little bunny out of handspun yarn. I finished the body and ears, but my daughter came before I got around to finishing the arms and legs. I had the eyes attached, but no face embroidered. It got put in a box in the blur of newborn-ville and forgotten until my daughter found her when she was around 18months old. The little bunny was the perfect size and shape for snuggling! I offered to finish it, add arms and legs, but she wanted it just the way it was! Over the years, bunny has been named SnuggleBunny and is one of the toys that she reaches for when she wants to play pretend and stretch her imagination. Other toys have faces and personalities built in. SnuggleBunny can fit any scenario her little brain comes up with!

When I was going through my stash of handspun yarn, I kept petting them and thinking what great toys they would make. Each yarn has it’s own texture and it’s own personality so each SnugglyBun will be unique. If Flopsy isn’t quite what you’re looking for, please message me and we will work together to make a SnugglyBun perfect for you!



Our first month of summer has FLOWN by! We spent the first week+ visiting Nana at the beach. She got to practice her t-ball skills, visited the aquarium, and spent plenty of time playing in bubbles and visiting the ocean.

20160527_110603 20160527_111414

20160531_110823 20160601_111423

Since getting home, we’ve been trying to find a rhythm for our days in the absence of gymnastics and our preschool curriculum. I’ve also been working on figuring out how school will go next year. We’re starting to find our rhythm for the summer. We spent most of the last week or two going to u-pick farms, stocking our freezer with local blueberries and cherries.

20160617_112710 20160619_101941

We’re also starting to play with board games! She’s getting old enough to understand rules and taking turns so we’ve been exploring local thrift stores and bringing home board games to try. So far, Snakes & Ladders was the biggest hit but Candyland has also been popular.

20160605_162650 20160613_113355

It is just now heating up, so we’ll start adding pool days into our routine. We still have local peaches to pick in the next week or so, then we’re done with local fruit u-pick until apples in late summer or early fall. It’s so nice to have the freezer stocked with fresh fruit for the year!

For school, we’re keeping summer simple and child-driven. We have a small pile of workbooks and when she wants to do school, she picks one and we do 10 minutes or so. Phonics is starting to CLICK and she’s asking to learn WORDS, WORDS, WORDS so we’re going to be adding some sight word practice into our weeks.

Homeschool Preschool Winter Weeks 11 & 12

Who would think that weeks off would be so BUSY? Busy, busy, busy. We just started back at gymnastics this week, so we’re going to call this most recent week Spring week 1. The last 2 weeks of winter quarter, we did the letters E & N. This most recent week, we did the letter K.

I somehow have very few notes & pictures from E & N. Since she was very familiar with those numbers already, I printed off both weeks at once & we got through them all in about 4 days of work (about 1.5 hours TOTAL over those 4 days). We’ve been doing lots of counting as well. She’s loving practicing her addition by “adding” her fruit & veggies at lunch, the books that she reads, bites at meals, flowers in the garden. It’s amazing to watch her little brain work. Once she’s introduced to a concept, she finds it everywhere around her!

Next week, we work on the letter Q. Then we have V, X, Y, Z left for the school year! We’ll be done mid-way through May. Since we’re just about finished, I’ve been looking towards next year and trying to decide what to do. Little miss seems to have little to no interest in going to “real” school. The couple of times we’ve talked about it, she’s either been indifferent or freaked out. So we’ll likely be doing some form of homeschooling again next year. Right now I’m looking at Kindergarten prep programs and play based Kindergarten curriculums. The tentative plan is to continue our 2 days a week gymnastics, 2-3 days a week school program for next year. We don’t have any solid plans for the summer but we did pull out our level 1 Hooked on Phonics readers and she’s VERY interested in learning to sound out words so we may be doing some light phonics work over the summer in place of worksheets and such.

Homeschool Preschool Winter Week 9 & 10

Week 9 was the letter D and week 10 was the letter W. So much fun these last 2 weeks! Gymnastics is on break, we go back the first week of April. So we’re taking the opportunity to get caught up in school and enjoy the lovely early spring weather.

We also did basic math sheets & counting practice. She’s getting MUCH better with the teens and hardly ever skips around anymore. We did some spring themed addition practice this week. We also practiced identifying more/less and bigger/smaller. We also worked on seasons.

WIPWednesday 10/28

Somehow, it’s Wednesday again. This has been a week of finishing and I’m trying to figure out what to work on next so there’s not much WIP going on. I did just finish some handspun and started a diaper cover with it. The colors are so pretty together and and these are such quick knits!

A couple of the finished things this week are a pillow and socks for the preschooler. She’s so excited to get her own socks! She’s so jealous of my sock collection and she grew out of all hers from last winter so I need to get her restocked.

I’ve been trying to get some hats listed but Etsy isn’t letting me add pictures. I’m not sure if it’s an issue on my side or their side, so I’ll keep trying for a couple days. Hopefully all the kinks get worked out soon.

WIPWednesday 9/30

WIPWednesday! I’ve been working almost exclusively on the Christmas present I showed you next week. I have one more glimpse of it for you. Not color accurate in the slightest, but a fun sneak peek!

I listed 2 more hats this week, so check out the shop for those! A purple adult hat and a purple baby hat. I have 2 shawls left to photograph and list and the swiffer covers. Swiffer covers are on the list this week. I’ll do the shawls if the light cooperates. One of the shawls has had 2 photo shoots already and is just not cooperating with the light to get accurate, attractive pictures. We’ll see if I can make it work this week!

WIPWednesday 8/26

WIPWednesday again. Quiet around here because of this giant pile:

Slowly, slowly, slowly working my way through photographing all this winter wear. Hoping to have it all listed by mid Sept, just in time for cooler weather! Not quite a WIP, but it is definitely an “in progress.”

I’ve been using up stray balls on hats so don’t have many projects on the needles right now. Each hat takes 3-4 hours so they don’t stick around very long. I have a few buttons and bits to attach and finish and will have 3 or 4 more hats to add to that pile to photograph. The felt bag that I showed you way back when just needs some finishing and it’s ready for it’s photo debut as well.

On the needles, I have this pretty poncho/cape for the toddler.

#wipwednesday still working on the poncho for my daughter. #knitting #handknit #alpaca

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It’s 100% alpaca. She picked out the yarn herself and is so excited about the pretty stripes.

I have yarn balled up for a couple more hats. I need to pick up some more dishcloth cotton to whip out some more Swiffer covers. 2 out of the 3 have already sold! I also have a pair of socks to work up for a family member and the toddler wants some fluffy winter socks as well. Watch the Instagram feed and I’ll post some peeks at those as I start to work on them!

WIPWednesday with Handspun!

2 WIPs today!

First up, some fluffy blue handspun wool. This looks like it will knit up in a very subtle gradient. Should be very pretty. Will be balling it up once it’s completely dry and casting on for a wide infinity scarf for the shop.

Next is the start of a cape for my daughter. She picked out this yarn the last time we were visiting Nana at the coast. It’s 100% Alpaca and so soft and fluffy. Modifying Easy down to toddler size with smaller needles and thinner wool. So pretty!

Working on a cape for the toddler! #wipwednesday #knitting #alpaca #handknit

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Finished a couple surprise pieces for the shop this week. Looking forward to getting some pictures of those to share with you!