WIPWednesday 2/10

Welcome to WIPWednesday again! Not much on the needles around here this week. I just finished off a few projects and am working on figuring out what to do next. I just started a pair of slipper boots yesterday. It’s a fairly unimpressive picture since there’s not a lot to look at right now. This is the first few rows of Elize by DROPS Designs.



Homeschool Preschool Winter Weeks 5 & 6

Week 5 was the letter H. This was a favorite since it’s the first letter in her name!


We’re still loving these Highlight-A-Letter sheets! They’re a lot more fun than the ones we were using before.


Lots of counting practice as well. We’re still working on getting the teens down. Once she’s to 20, it sounds familiar & she is getting much better at it but those pesky teens just don’t sound right to her and she gets lost a few times. So we’re counting everything we see & focusing on some counting practice worksheets for math.


More counting! Acorns are fun!


Week 6 was the letter J! She’s not quite there yet with pronouncing J so this was a great practice week!


We took the week off from counting sheets & did shapes instead. She already knows all these shapes, but doesn’t always draw them correctly so this was a fun one! She did lots and lots of triangles around the house last week!


We did some happy-sad practice as well. This printable is from LeapFrog online. They have some really fun coloring sheets!


Yet another highlight-a-letter. This coming week, we’re doing the letter U, more counting practice, some body part labelling, and some under/over/next to practice.

WIPWednesday 2/10

Busy week but WIPWednesday is here again! Preschool post will go up sometime this weekend. WIPWednesday this week is a nearly completed pillow cover. It’s going to have a 100% cotton (hand dyed if I can get the right shade of blue or green) pillowcase and this will be sewed to the front with a simple i-cord edging. The colors are so pretty running into each other as they go around and around the pillow!20160210_143904

WIPWednesday 2/3!

Someone, tell me how it’s February already? My baby turns 4 in a month!!

It’s Wednesday again, so here’s a new WIP picture. This is a simple feather & fan wrap out of handspun. Such a soft wool in a light pink base with pops of yellow, green, and magenta heathered through it! Can’t wait to see this washed and blocked out. It’s going to be gorgeous! This is one of the last things on the needles so I need to plan some new projects soon. I have yarn wound into balls for a sweater so I really need to pick one & get it started!


Homeschool Preschool Winter Week 4

Week 4, the letter G! This was a fun one! She had a lot of fun making the ggg sound and thought that giggle was the best ggg word of all!


These Highlight-a-Letter sheets are still a favorite! She likes to do them with her dot markers or circle the letters.


New this week, domino math! She loves seeing how addition works with these kinds of sheets. She’s been surprising us lately by grouping her toys in similar ways to the sheets. She’ll take a row of legos, for example, and put 2 together, 2 together, and say 2 legos & 2 legos makes 4 legos! It’s pretty amazing to see her little brain picking these things up!


Always popular, cutting practice! So good for building hand muscles and fine motor control! She makes a whole pile of confetti that I get to vacuum up later but she’s so happy & entertained that I don’t mind cleaning up the mess!

This week, we’re doing the letter H, which is her favorite since her name starts with an H. We’re also doing more counting practice, working our way up to 20. More food group identification as well, mostly in everyday life. She had pretzels with lunch today and said “Pretzels are a grain!” Pretty fun!

WIPWednesday 1/27

Wednesday again. Weeks go so quickly when you’re busy with a preschooler! She fell in love with my black fuzzy poncho and wants a “wearable blankie” all of her own. In bright purple, please! I happened to have some bright purple super soft cotton in a drawer that needed to be used so she’s getting her request!



Homeschool Preschool Winter Week 2/3

Last week, we didn’t get much done. I printed out the wrong week worth of worksheets, last month’s instead of this month’s. We did a couple math/counting sheets, but mostly just played. This week was the letter O. We have also worked on some “forest math” that she had a blast with!


This was last week. We worked on food groups a little more. The fruit & vegetable I-Spy was a big hit! This one is from Pleasantestthing.com and is a free download!


This is our forest math! Basic counting & addition, up to 10, with forest animals and plants. She was so excited to see how she could count part of it & then another part & then put it all together. These are free through learning2walk.com and is part of a whole pack of basic math sheets!


Our O theme of the week was mostly all about owls. They are one of her favorites right now! We’ve colored several owl sheets, including this one from our regular preschoolpalace curriculum.

Next week is the letter G. We’ll also be working on matching baby animals to their parents and more basic math, counting to 20 and basic addition.

WIPWednesday 1/20

WIPWednesday, On Wednesday! I just finished up a warm & snuggly black poncho that is basically a wearable blanket. It’s going to live on my computer chair to snuggle under in the cold mornings & during the preschooler’s rest time. It’s not high fashion but it sure is cuddly and warm! It got a bath shortly after this photo and now it’s drying. Which will likely take a few days in our current weather. I have a pair of socks, a shawl, and a hat still on the needles. Next up to finish, I think, is the pair of socks. They’ve been going to gymnastics with me and are nearly done. Just a few inches left. They’re easy enough to do in front of the TV in the evenings so they should be finished in another week or two.


Homeschool Preschool, Winter week 1

Winter term has started! We worked on the letter R last week and this week is the letter I. We also started learning about food groups last week, spent plenty of time practicing counting to 20, and worked on some basic cooking practice.


This Food Groups printable is free on Teachers Pay Teachers. They are such an amazing resource for printables! We loved practicing with the glue stick and sorting food into food groups with this printable!


Counting practice. She can reliably count to 13 before she starts skipping numbers so now we’re working our way to 20. Who wouldn’t love to count ice cream cones? This is one of our counting sheets by Preschool Palace.


New this week, highlight-a-letter! This is another free download through Teachers Pay Teachers. It’s a really fun addition to our letter of the week curriculum through Preschool Palace.


Her “big” gift from us for Christmas was a set of cooking items, all her size. She got safety knives, measuring spoons & cups, and plenty of stirring spoons & spatulas. She LOVES getting to help make dinner. This is zucchini. I cut it into sticks for her and then she cuts the sticks into bites. These knives are from Curious Chef and are so nice! The big one also makes an excellent lettuce knife. I love that she can help cook and chop without worrying about getting cut.

We started back to gymnastics today which will throw our preschool schedule this week a little out of whack. We haven’t done any “official” school yet this week but I expect she’ll want to catch up on worksheets tomorrow. Normally, I print out a full week of worksheets on Sunday afternoon and put them in her school bin along with the supplies we’ll need to do them. She goes through the bin whenever she wants to work on school and picks what she wants to do. We try to get through all of them, but we don’t make a big deal of it if we don’t. Anything not used gets recycled to the next week and I adjust up or down on how many worksheets I print based on how much she gets done. It’s very relaxed and informal and all led by her. Learning should be fun! She’s way too young to expect her to sit & do formal school for all day, or even half the day, so I let her do it as she wants to work on it and we notice letters and numbers throughout our day, read & play plenty, count everything that can be counted, and make sure to work on lots of practical skills (cooking, laundry, etc).