New Listing: Meet Flower!

Please meet Flower!


Hand knit out of handspun, hand dyed yarn, Flower has soft, floppy ears that go in different directions and add a lot of personality to her small face. The yarn is 100% silk that I dyed in shades of pink and purple. It is a very hard wearing yarn and Flower will hold up quite well to being someone’s new best friend. Safety eyes and nose will stay attached!


Flower is just begging to play with a special someone! Kids love to play pretend and Flower fits right in! While she was created with a bunny in mind, the possibilities are only limited by the imagination!


SnugglyBuns also make excellent photo props!

Flower doesn’t have a set expression so she won’t limit your child’s pretend scenarios. Flower’s soft, squishy body is the perfect size for hugging. A simple, rounded body allows for hugging and play without worrying about arms or legs getting stuck somewhere or being pulled off.


Flower measures 8 inches tall and 17 inches all the way around.

Flower is knit with 100% silk and stuffed with polyester fiber fill. She can be machine washed on cold in a gentle cycle, I suggest sticking her in a mesh bag first to reduce pilling. Fluff her up and let her air dry.




WIPWednesday 2/10

Welcome to WIPWednesday again! Not much on the needles around here this week. I just finished off a few projects and am working on figuring out what to do next. I just started a pair of slipper boots yesterday. It’s a fairly unimpressive picture since there’s not a lot to look at right now. This is the first few rows of Elize by DROPS Designs.


WIPWednesday 2/10

Busy week but WIPWednesday is here again! Preschool post will go up sometime this weekend. WIPWednesday this week is a nearly completed pillow cover. It’s going to have a 100% cotton (hand dyed if I can get the right shade of blue or green) pillowcase and this will be sewed to the front with a simple i-cord edging. The colors are so pretty running into each other as they go around and around the pillow!20160210_143904

WIPWednesday 2/3!

Someone, tell me how it’s February already? My baby turns 4 in a month!!

It’s Wednesday again, so here’s a new WIP picture. This is a simple feather & fan wrap out of handspun. Such a soft wool in a light pink base with pops of yellow, green, and magenta heathered through it! Can’t wait to see this washed and blocked out. It’s going to be gorgeous! This is one of the last things on the needles so I need to plan some new projects soon. I have yarn wound into balls for a sweater so I really need to pick one & get it started!


WIPWednesday 1/27

Wednesday again. Weeks go so quickly when you’re busy with a preschooler! She fell in love with my black fuzzy poncho and wants a “wearable blankie” all of her own. In bright purple, please! I happened to have some bright purple super soft cotton in a drawer that needed to be used so she’s getting her request!



WIPWednesday 1/20

WIPWednesday, On Wednesday! I just finished up a warm & snuggly black poncho that is basically a wearable blanket. It’s going to live on my computer chair to snuggle under in the cold mornings & during the preschooler’s rest time. It’s not high fashion but it sure is cuddly and warm! It got a bath shortly after this photo and now it’s drying. Which will likely take a few days in our current weather. I have a pair of socks, a shawl, and a hat still on the needles. Next up to finish, I think, is the pair of socks. They’ve been going to gymnastics with me and are nearly done. Just a few inches left. They’re easy enough to do in front of the TV in the evenings so they should be finished in another week or two.


WIPWednesday January 6, 2016

It’s the first Wednesday of January, so let’s get back in the swing of WIPWednesdays! I have way too many things on the needles right now. The featured WIP for today is The Everyday Shawl from Cloud7Knits. A friend sent me a giant box of random balls of yarn & fabric for Christmas. One of them was this gorgeous self striping wool that I’m almost positive is Zauberball Crazy. Such a pretty blend of blues & greens with a bit of black.


WIPWednesday… Er, Thursday. 10/22

This last week+ has been so out of control and suddenly it’s Thursday. So WIPWednesday is a day late because I had no time at all to post yesterday. I did take pictures, but no words hit the site.


The little socks are finally through the heel turn and now they will be pretty quick to finish. She’s still little, so I only need 3 or 4 inches up the legs and we’re done!


The hat is also on it’s way to being done. It is going to be done today then getting washed and dried before pictures! I didn’t run out of yarn this time! It should stretch to fit kids or a small adult head. I’ll have my husband try it on to see if it’s big headed male approved but I expect it will be mostly kids/teens.

The watercolor shades hat is done and got photos today. I also have 3 swiffer covers photographed. The plan for this afternoon and tomorrow’s nap time is photo editing and listing these items! I’m finishing up some handspun as well and I’m not sure what it’s turning into yet. We’ll see how long it ends up being.

Look for new postings over the next several days! I’ll also update on Homeschool, probably tomorrow. We’ve had a fun couple weeks!